Corrugated Steel Wicking Bed


External Dimensions: 1200mm(L) x 800mm(W) x 400mm(H)

The Corrugated Steel Wicking Bed has been designed jointly by Birdies Garden Products and WaterUps® from DownUnder. The bed is made from a high quality Aluzinc steel/powder coated steel sheeting, and comes complete with everything you will need to construct your ‘self watering’ garden bed, including WaterUps® Wicking Cells and pipes, pond liner and GeoTec fabric.

The innovative design optimises the ‘wicking’ capabilities of watering from below, providing you with longer term and more efficient garden watering solution.

This bed is an optimal size for the smaller community or school gardens, and for the home gardener wanting a veggie patch.



The Corrugated Steel Wicking Beds have a rolled steel edge with a durable clip on safety strip. The beds are made from a high quality Aluzinc steel/powder coated steel sheeting and this quality ensures durability and longevity under all environmental conditions.

The Corrugated Steel Wicking Beds look great in any garden space and by incorporating the WaterUps® self watering system your raised bed provides you with all the additional benefits of a wicking bed.

External – 1200(L) x 800(W) x 400(H)

  • Colours: Merino or Slate Grey
  • Quantity in pack: One
  • Assembly option: Self assembly
  • Usage: Growing plants of all types.
  • Ground preparation: It is important that the site for the Galvanised Steel Bed is level.
  • Fitting information: Instructions provided.
  • Treatment: Aluzinc steel, Powder Coated Steel
  • Special delivery information: Small Carton. Fits easily into a small vehicle.
  • Includes all required ‘self watering’ components:
    • WaterUps® wicking cells
    • Pond liner – pre cut to size
    • Inlet and overflow pipes
  • Handle details: To move once constructed, stand inside the garden bed and lift from two opposite sides to maintain the shape.

Benefits Of Wicking Beds:

  • Water need is reduced by as much as 90% compared to ordinary raised garden beds. This results in a significantly lower impact on the environment and less money spent on water bills;
  • Increased water retention of the soil = low watering frequency: only every 2-6 weeks. The wicking beds can be left unattended for extended periods of time without any risk of damage to plants.
  • Wicking beds are self watering! This removes the hassle of frequent watering during the hotter months.
  • Minimal evaporation means no salting of soil. Frequent watering from the top with hard water can accumulate salts. This is because the water evaporates off the surface leaving minerals behind. After time the soil will struggle to support plant life.
  • They will drain in the event of large downpours.
  • Plant roots grow deeper into the soil attracted by the underground water source. This results in stronger, healthier and more productive plants.
  • Soil nutrients do not leave the garden bed by being washed away during top watering. There is more food available to the plants and less need to add extra fertilisers.
  • Water is added directly into the water reservoir via filler tube until it reaches the overflow level. No risk of over-watering the plants.
  • Reduced loss of water due to evaporation. A wicking bed will operate at its optimal efficiency when approximately 2cm of fine mulch is applied to the top of the bed. This also helps to maintain the moisture in the soil and minimise evaporation.

Additional information

Dimensions 1200 × 800 × 385 mm

Merino, Slate Grey