Converte Organic Foliar Spray


  • Unleash the power of nature with Converte Organic Foliar Spray—your garden’s superfood.
  • Struggling with nutrient deficiencies in your garden? Meet your fast-acting remedy.
  • Australian-made and packed with twenty essential nutrients, this spray maximises growth, bolsters resistance, and enhances foliage and flower vibrancy.
  • Isn’t it time your garden reached its full potential?

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Sick of your plants looking less than lush? Let's change that, starting now.

Even with meticulous soil care, your plants can suffer from nutrient deficiencies, limiting their growth and resistance to environmental stress.

Converte Organic Foliar Spray is a game-changing solution that delivers nutrients directly to the leaves, offering rapid absorption and quick results.

Features & Benefits:

  • Australian-Made: Supports local and ensures quality. 
  • Quick Absorption: Foliage-applied nutrients for fast-acting results. 
  • Multi-Nutrient Complex: A total of 20 essential nutrients for comprehensive plant care. 
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for orchards, vegetables, and flowering plants. 
  • Heat and Cold Tolerance: Protects your garden from extreme weather conditions. 

For enhanced absorption, apply during the early morning to avoid direct sunlight. Pairs well with our organic soil conditioners for an all-around plant boost.

With a 100 ml Super Concentrate pack covering 200m², this product is an excellent starting point for those new to foliar feeding.

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