School & ELC Wicking Kits

The WaterUps® Enviro Wicking Bed Kits for schools & Early Learning Centers (ELCs) have everything you need to be able to observe and monitor a fully functioning WaterUps® wicking bed. Both of the kits include the following:

WaterUps® self-watering wicking bed

Once set up, this low maintenance and water-efficient garden bed can be left for several weeks without needing to be watered again – ideal to overcome the challenge of keeping plants alive during school term breaks. This self-watering wicking bed kit comes with everything needed to install a fantastic growing environment in your school. Just add soil, water, and plants, and you have a living garden for children to learn about and work with.

Tumbleweed Worm Factory (worms not included)

Worms fascinate children, making them perfect pets. Keeping a worm farm is an easy way to recycle food scraps in a childcare environment. As worm farms are suited to large or small spaces and can be kept indoors – you can keep numerous worm farms to meet your requirements. A worm farm has many environmental benefits, including recycling food scraps, minimising food waste that goes to landfill, and creating natural garden fertiliser. A worm farm is an excellent early learning resource.

Our Schools & ELCs Enviro Garden Kit worm factory includes:

  • Worm Factory (2 tray system)
  • Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner
  • Rectangular Worm Blanket
  • Coir brick
  • Instruction booklet

You can find more details on the contents of both of these kits on our website.

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