Landscaping Projects

WaterUps® Landscaping

Landscape Projects with WaterUps®

Outside Space, NSW

This project was specifically designed to provide a large 6m x 6m vegetable garden for a family on the south coast of NSW. The WaterUps® wicking system was installed in a specifically fabricated steel bed frame.

Now & Zen Landscapes, NSW

This project was designed and constructed by Now & Zen Landscapes in the Blue Mountains NSW to provide a modern stylish look incorporating a home vegetable garden. Corrugated steel beds were retro-fitted with the WaterUps® wicking system and fully enclosed by a black mesh fence and canopy.

JV Landscaping, NSW

These decorative timber beds were constructed by JV Landscaping to provide wicking beds with inbuilt storage beneath the water reservoir. 

Aqualess, QLD

Paul from Aqualess is our Brisbane WaterUps® stockist. He is also a real craftsman when it comes to building timber wicking beds.

Adelaide Hills Vegie Gardens, SA

Mark Smith, our Adelaide stockist, converted this old fish pond into a very functional vegetable garden wicking bed.

Caledonian Landscapes, Orange NSW

These large corrugated steel beds were designed and built by Caledonian Landscapes in Orange 

Green Options

This community garden was installed by Green Options, an Australia wide landscaping company. WaterUps® were used to help provide sustainable deep-rooted watering of these raised beds.

Iconic Outdoors, Orange NSW

These WaterUps® wicking beds were constructed by Iconic Outdoors using eWood sleepers in Millthorpe near Orange

WaterUps® News for Landscapers

WaterUps® launches new raised wicking bed range

WaterUps® launches new raised wicking bed range

Over the past year, we have been working on developing our own design for a range of steel raised wicking beds. We have taken the feedback we have received from customers and incorporated those...

Optimal height of a wicking bed depends on what you plant

Optimal height of a wicking bed depends on what you plant

There is only really one rule when it comes to the height of wicking beds. That is, the science of capillary action determines that the vertical wicking distance is generally around 300mm. The actual height of your wicking bed can, however, vary provided you follow this simple rule.


WaterUps in retaining walls

Rather than simply drain away all of the water accumulating behind the wall, we felt that it would make sense to retain some of the water in a wicking bed reservoir, so that it could be used for watering the plants along the edge of your retaining wall. A WaterUps® wicking system can be easily installed at the time of construction and for only a marginal increase in overall cost.

Wicking Beds perform well in the rain

Wicking Beds perform well in the rain

Up until a couple of weeks ago our focus on wicking beds has been on how well they performed in times of drought. Rain has long been our absent friend. However, with the recent heavy rains, particularly along the east coast of Australia, I thought that it would be useful to observe how wicking beds have performed in the wet.

Wicking beds and Aquaponics

Wicking beds and Aquaponics

At WaterUps® we are often asked about aquaponics, both whether aquaponics is similar to wicking bed technology and whether some features of aquaponics can be incorporated into our wicking beds. Basically, they are very different ways of growing, which some people have combined in a single system.