Landscape Architects and Designers

Designing for the future

Architects and Landscape Designers are now starting to focus much more on sustainability in design, which has always been one of the important principles of permaculture design.

WaterUps® can play an important role in this move to more sustainable planning by helping us save water and make urban greenspaces easier to maintain. WaterUps can be incorporated in designs for:

  • Balcony, roof and common area gardens;
  • Civil works for easier maintenance of ornamentals;
  • Community gardens and urban agriculture, and much more.

Industry trends

What the industry is expecting?

Landscape design industry leaders is continuing to focus on:-

  • Climate change and increasing demands for sustainable design;
  • Increasing use of edible plants;
  • Demand for a organic approach;
  • Low maintenance solutions becoming even more important.

Greater focus on sustainability is being demanded for all new construction projects. 

The Green Building Council of Australia is leading the way in certification for sustainable building construction.

While no specific certification program exists for outdoor spaces, the Landscape Design industry is itself driving the focus on sustainability.

WaterUps® can help!

The WaterUps® Solution

Because of our sustainability credentials, WaterUps® should play a key role in landscape design going forward. WaterUps® are uniquely designed to meet the needs of organic gardening in providing a superior structure for growing edible plants in an urban environment. WaterUps® also offer a low maintenance solution for ornamental plantings that includes a significant reduction in water usage. 

Further Information

Just as you customise your offerings to the needs of your clients, so do we.

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Grow both ornamentals and edibles with WaterUps®

Ornamental Plants

As WaterUps® deliver a sustainable and consistent water supply, they are ideal to help keep even the most delicate and fragile plants healthy in the sometimes harsh growing environments that landscapers are required to plant in. WaterUps® can be used for:-

  • Decorative Plants and Ground Covers
  • Small Shrubs and Small Trees
  • Climbers and Topiaries

Edible Plants 

Landscape designers are being increasingly asked by their clients to incorporate edible plant varieties in their designs. Edible plants are now being used for decorative affects. Edible plant categories that can be grown using WaterUps® include:-

  • Herbs and Vegetables, and 
  • Fruiting plants, Shrubs, Trees and Climbers