Information Videos and Guides

WaterUps® Installation Basics

WaterUps® wicking systems are easy to install.

This video gives a basic introduction to the principles of wicking and shows how to arrange your WaterUps® cells, where to insert the inlet pipe and how to place the overflow pipe.

WaterUps® Installation Guide

The WaterUps® Installation Guide provides all the necessary information for the installation of WaterUps® cells in the wicking bed that you are constructing or the planter that you are retro-fitting.

The Installation Guide will tell you:

  • Alternative recommended construction materials for raised beds;
  • What other materials and tools will be needed;
  • How to prepare the base;
  • How to retro-fit a WaterUps® wicking system in an existing raised bed or planter tub;
  • How to cut WaterUps® cells to achieve best fit to an existing bed or planter;
  • How to calculate the amount of pond liner required and how best to place it in the base;
  • How to install the inlet pipe;
  • How to prevent soil particles from getting in to the water reservoir; and
  • Important tips for adding potting mix.

Assembly Guides for WaterUps® Kit Beds

The WaterUps® Kit Bed Assembly Guides provide all the necessary information for assembling your new bed and should be read in conjunction with the main Installation Guide.

Soil Considerations

As with all plant growing environments, WaterUps® wicking beds work best when they have the right soil mix. A healthy soil is critical to plant growth.

The Soil Considerations Guide will provide more detail on:

  • Soil Structure 
  • Potting Mixes 
  • Organic Matter / Compost
  • Humus 
  • What to get?