WaterUps reduces maintenance costs at Crowne Plaza, Hobart

Posted: 6 May 2021 by Ian Collins

When BPSM Architects were designing the rooftop bar of the Crowne Plaza in Hobart they knew they wanted to include perimeter garden beds featuring Australian bush tucker plants. The challenge was how to keep the plants alive without excessive maintenance in the exposed locations. 

By installing Waterups® wicking cells in these rooftop edge beds, the frequency of expensive regular maintenance visits was significantly reduced. The plants were protected from exposure to the sun and wind by the sub-soil irrigation provided by the WaterUps® system, which encouraged deeper root growth. 

The rooftop beds were designed to specifically meet the WaterUps® cell dimensions of 400mm x 400mm. This made construction and installation easy.

The following images show the initial planting of the rooftop garden beds on the perimeter of The Deck restaurant at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hobart.

A year on the plants are thriving and the Crowne Plaza couldn’t be happier.

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