Urban Agriculture Projects

WaterUps® Horticulture

WaterUps® Horticulture Projects

Pocket City Farms

WaterUps® installed our first beds at Pocket City Farms in early 2019 as a trial. A few months later a further 11 timber beds were installed along the street frontage to grow leafy greens, fennel, and other small rooting vegetables. This allowed the farm to increase food yields.

Melbourne Food Hub

In November 2019, WaterUps® were installed at the Melbourne Food Hub, in the first commercial trial of our in-ground wicking beds system.

WaterUps® Horticulture News

20 Million litres of water saved

20 Million litres of water saved

Waterups® is proud to announce that we have passed a major milestone of 20 million litres of water saved – that’s the volume of 8 Olympic sized swimming pools!

What to do in your wicking bed this month – Dec 20

What to do in your wicking bed this month – Dec 20

This post is designed to be the first in a series, that will give you heaps of practical advice on how to ensure that your wicking bed performs optimally. We will try to address the different challenges that may be faced by the different climatic zones across Australia over the course of the year.