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WaterUps® Commercial


Architects and Landscapers are now starting to focus much more on sustainability in design and are increasingly using wicking beds to improve growing and maintenance outcomes.


Why use WaterUps®?

Architects and Landscape Designers are now starting to focus much more on sustainability in design. WaterUps® can play an important role in this move to more sustainable planning by helping us save water and make urban greenspaces easier to maintain.

Commercial Projects

Roof Garden, Hobart TAS

Award winning architect Ryan Strating’s Core Collective designed this amazing roof garden in Hobart, Tasmania. Given the exposed position and limited access for maintenance, Ryan wanted this garden to be largely able to look after itself. Following advice from Angus Stewart he decided to use WaterUps® Sub-Irrigation Channels. Five months later in Nov 2021 the results speak for themselves.

Commercial facility. Yagoona NSW

WaterUps® wicking systems were installed at at this facility in 2021 in order to achieve permanent green spaces with minimal maintenance.

Roof Garden Hobart TAS

In early 2020 WaterUps® were installed in the planters that formed the perimeter of The Deck roof garden restaurant in the newly built 9 storey Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hobart. WaterUps® were used to provide a consistent water supply, and reduced maintenance, for the edible natives given their exposure to sun and consistent wind.

Macquarie Point, Hobart TAS

WaterUps® wicking systems were installed at Macquarie Point by Angus Stewart in 2019. The timber beds at the Edible Precinct house a variety of European plant species alongside native bush foods. It’s Australia’s largest edible precinct and is open to the public.

Planters at Hobart Airport, TAS

These decorative planters were part of an upgrade to the facade of Hobart Airport in May 2020. The planters were fitted with WaterUps® wicking cells by Horticultural and Landscape Supplies, our Tasmanian stockists. These wicking planters will provide a consistent water system to the plants and a low maintenance outcome.

Habitat House roof planters, Surry Hills NSW

In 2020 Green Options Landscaping installed round planter pots on the roof of Habitat House. The challenge of this design was to establish a system that provided rooftop greening that required only occasional watering given the difficult access conditions.  

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