About WaterUps

Introducing WaterUps®

The WaterUps from Down Under® water wicking cell is an Australian designed and manufactured product that can be used in a wide variety of watering situations. The wicking cells are modular in nature to allow them to be custom fitted to the shape and size of any growing environment large or small.

If need be, they can also be cut or shaped to allow them to work in all manner of growing containers, gardens or landscape designs.

What are WaterUps®?

WaterUps® are manufactured from recycled polypropylene and are comprised of a rigid deck with 4 “wicking legs” that can be interlocked to form a raised platform or cut to shape to form a space that has a water reservoir below.

Each WaterUps® cell is designed to allow the legs to be filled with potting mix and perlite to act as wicks. These wicks allow water from the reservoir to moisten the soil layer above the WaterUps® cell base. Each WaterUps® cell is 40cmx 40cm with provision for an inlet and overflow pipe. The cells can be connected with cross shaped joiners, which due to their modular nature allow cells to fit any size or shape configuration.

When constructed, the WaterUps® wicking cells can store around 120 litre’s of water below each square metre of cells. WaterUps® weigh approximately 800gms each, are stackable and come in packs of 12, which with a combined weight under 10kg, makes them easy to carry. They can also be cut to shape or size using a jigsaw or hand saw to fit into narrower or irregular shaped spaces. The system is filled directly to the reservoir below via the inlet pipe using a garden hose. In the event of heavy rain any water that passes through the soil into the reservoir will be retained with any excess flowing out via the overflow pipe, thereby resulting in excellent drainage. There is always an air space of at least 10mms between the soil above and the water below allowing the soil to breathe.

WaterUps® are very light, weighing around 5kgs per square metre compared to a scoria bed of up to 200 kgs. WaterUps® wicking beds hold around 50% more water, so you don’t have to water as frequently as other wicking systems.