About Us

About WaterUps®

Our commitment

At WaterUps® we are committed to being world leaders in wicking bed research and in providing a range of reasonably priced products to help both major civil contractors and home gardens use the latest wicking bed technology.

Our history

WaterUps® was founded by Ian Collins and Vince Hunt in 2015. Our focus was to build a company that could commercialise the age-old concept of ‘wicking’ and to allow wicking bed technology to be used in commercial, civil, and horticultural environments as well as the home garden.

Our vision

At WaterUps® we see a future where wicking technology makes a major contribution to increasing food security, urban temperature and climate management, and sustainable management of our precious water resources.

Our team

The WaterUps® team combines the expertise and experience of landscapers, horticulturalists, landscape architects, design engineers, and nursery and business managers. We are innovators and have a mix of people who have lived in large cities and those who are from rural Australia. We are a diverse group, but all maintain a home or balcony garden. The main thing that we have in common, however, is a commitment to sustainability. We are proud of our record in using recycled materials and in promoting the water-saving attributes of our wicking bed technology.