WaterUps® Product Calculator

The WaterUps® Product Calculator has been designed to help you easily calculate what you will need for your WaterUps® wicking bed.

This is designed as a general guide rather than a precision design tool.

You can choose from 3 garden bed shapes:-

  • Rectangular or Square
  • Circular
  • Triangular
Once you have input the shape and dimensions of your bed, the calculator will provide you with the following information:-
  • Number of WaterUps® Cells you will need;
  • Whether you will need to cut the cells to fit your particular garden bed;
  • Whether it is recommended that you purchase WaterUps® Joiners;
  • The dimensions of the pond liner you will need;
  • How much Perlite you will need to fill the wicks;
  • How much potting mix / compost you will need, both in bulk supply and bagged mix.

NOTE: If you need to cut any cells, the calculator will count all cells that are cut as whole cells. You will need to refer to the graphic below to work out if you can reuse offcuts. This may reduce the actual number of cells that you will need to purchase.

Scroll down to view a graphic of the indicative cell layout for your bed and if required where you will need to cut the WaterUps® cells.


The information you need will be displayed once you input the dimensions of your garden bed.